carrot cake with cream cheese icing

March 2014

This is arguably the best carrot cake in the world. Thank you, Rhyll!! (If you don't have any carrots, beets can be substituted to make equally delicious beet cake!)

carrot cake - March 2014

Rhyll wrote out two versions of her cake, the "not-so-decadent":

carrot cake - March 2014

And the "decadent" one. Guess which version I have never made....

carrot cake - March 2014

The icing is made with butter and cream cheese and is not overly sweet. This time, because the icing was a little stiff, I added some plain yoghurt. Hmmmm, maybe I should always add yoghurt. The icing was spectacular. One of the things that makes the cake so good is that we put on lots of icing. (One can never have too much cream cheese icing.)

carrot cake - March 2014

to blog from OUR kitchen this IS the best carrot cake ~ dealing with nightmares - again (carrot cake is the best comfort food)

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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

It was so good! When we saw there was only one piece left, we decided we had to make another carrot cake as soon as this one was finished.

carrot cake - March 2014

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