chicken livers: pate . stew . fried . with pasta

Crispy Chicken Livers

April 2010

After marinating in a little soy sauce, garlic and thyme, these chicken livers have been twice-fried to ensure ultimate crispiness.

Chicken Livers © ejm April 2010


Chicken Livers © ejm April 2010

Even closer... and still they don't look that great. But looks are deceiving. The flavour is beautiful!

Chicken Livers © ejm April 2010

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These chicken livers are also fantastic the next day - either as they are or chopped and tossed with broccoli in spaghettini.

spaghettini © ejm April 2010

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...so beautiful *cough* ~ spaghettini with chicken livers (PPN#161)

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