Two Chili Sauces
peanut & garlic; fermented black bean

April 2008

There are two Chinese condiments that we adore. One has roasted peanuts in it; the other black beans. Both are spicy, with intense flavour. Both are intensely good.

two chili sauces © ejm April 2008

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This is the lid from one of the jars. We reproduced the contents of the jars, as best we could from memory. What we made might not be exactly the same but they're fantastic anyway.

lid © ejm April 2008

Close up of black bean chili sauce

black bean chili sauce © ejm April 2008

Close up of peanut chili sauce

peanut chili sauce © ejm April 2008

These condiments are great with fried rice, Asian noodle soup or in stir-fried asparagus.

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