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Grain Coffee Grinder

January 2011

We used to think that grinding the coffee with an electric grinder was fine. But we finally caved in and got a Zassenhaus manual grinder. Yes, it says it's a Kornmühle (grain and seed grinder) but it's fine for coffee beans. And now, our Vesuvian Electric Coffee Maker really does make the best coffee.

Coffee Grinder (January 2011)

The beauty of having a grain grinder rather than a box shaped coffee grinder is that it fits on the lazy susan on the counter.

Coffee Grinder (January 2011)

Since we've been grinding the beans with the manual crank grinder, we've found that we use the tamper only to smooth out the coffee. We use hardly any pressure at all.

Vesuviana Electric Coffee Maker (June 2009)

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Vesuviana vintage electric coffee maker

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