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Farm Eggs

Sunningdale Farms - Simcoe County

354 Line 8 South
Oro Station, ON
s h e e p [at] v a n a m [dot] c o m

March 2008

These eggs are from free range chickens on a friends' farm. They're huge. The lid on the box wouldn't close properly. When I got the eggs, my friend said that she has a whole new respect for her chickens. She can't believe the size of the eggs coming out of those little chickens. She KNOWS when they are laying because they really squawk.... (Please take a look at the Moringa Leaf Omelette we made with their eggs.)

Moringa omelette (March 2008)

May 2010 On another occasion, we also made a green garlic omelette. (Please see photos of the omelette.)

Green Garlic (May 2010)

We have also dyed the eggs for Easter. There are other bonuses to getting eggs from VERY generous friends who have farms. Thank you once again, Josephine!! (please click on images to see more photos and larger views):

bounty (Nov 2012)bounty (Sept 2011)bounty (May 2010)

Aldergrove Tiny-Scale Farm - Wellington County

211537 Baseline Rd.
RR#4, Mount Forest
Ontario N0G 2L0
g l y n i s [dot] m a c l e o d [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m

April 2013

Aren't these eggs amazing? The large one beside the 25 cent piece is a goose egg.

eggs (April 2013)

The shell of the goose egg is quite thick - it wasn't easy to crack open.

egg (April 2013)

I don't know why I was surprised that it looks JUST like a chicken egg. But bigger. Way bigger. We used it to make the omelette that goes into Chinese-style fried rice.

egg (April 2013)

Bonuses :

bounty (Feb 2013)squash (February 2013)

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