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Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks

April 2010

These fiddleheads and wild leeks were picked only a few hours before being given to us.

Fiddleheads - April 2010

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To serve the fiddleheads, we simply steamed them lightly, then drizzled them with a butter, fresh lemon juice and a little seasalt. They were spectacular.

Fiddleheads - April 2010

Wild leeks are wonderful tossed in fresh egg pasta. We started by cooking the white parts of the leeks and finely chopped sausage in olive oil. Then we added the green parts and cooked those briefly before adding cooked til al dente egg noodles.

wild leeks - April 2010wild leeks - April 2010
wild leeks - April 2010

Once the noodles were well tossed with the leeks, we feasted on fiddleheads and fresh pasta (made with farm fresh eggs) tossed in olive oil, wild leeks, and a tiny bit of smoked sausage then sprinkled with grated aged gruyere served beside a pork chop (sauce made by deglazing the pan with a little sherry) garnished with lemon thyme.

wild leeks - April 2010

It may be considered by some to be overkill, but we love horseradish with a chop. But not just any old jarred horseradish sauce for us. We grated some fresh horse-radish and put in just enough mayonnaise to hold it together. Sure, it doesn't look like much but don't let looks fool you! A little goes a very long way.... This is one of my favourite things to have with a grilled steak or chop.

horseradish mayonnaise - April 2010horseradish mayonnaise - April 2010
wild leeks - April 2010

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Fiddleheads Tossed in Black Pepper Linguini

We had a few fiddleheads left over, so the next day, we made some fresh pasta with cracked black pepper and tossed the fiddleheads in with ham, chili flakes, onions and broccoli.

Fiddleheads - April 2010

Closer views of the linguini... we thought the black pepper flavour was going to be quite marked but in the end didn't really notice much difference from our regular fresh pasta. (If we do this again, we'll have to try it with a very simple sauce - perhaps just tossing it in lemon and butter.)

linguini - April 2010linguini - April 2010
Fiddleheads - April 2010

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Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks

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