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Fuhl (Beans and Garlic)


Fuhl made with fava beans and drizzled with caramelized onions and garlic

fuhl with caramelized onions and garlic (29 Jan 2006) fuhl with caramelized onions and garlic mixed in (29 Jan 2006)

Serve fuhl with pita

Fuhl (made with Romano and Kidney beans)


Fuhl made with romano and kidney beans. We also added a little bit of Tahini. Here it is served with pita. But it's also brilliant with Moroccan Semolina Bread.

fuhl(Jan 2010)

We served the fuhl with pita, beet salad, tabbuleh, coriander leaves and grilled eggplant.

fuhl(Jan 2010)

Apparently, in Sudan, fuhl is traditionally made with kidney beans and we almost prefer it made with kidney beans rather than favas. But just by the smallest margin. Fuhl is wonderful made with any dried bean.

fuhl(Jan 2010)

awsh (chickpea, ground meat and spinach stew) . harissa . lablabi (chickpea soup with harissa) . falafel . hummus . ras el hanout


February/April 2010

We used the recipe in "Mediterranean Street Food" by Anissa Helou (www.anissas.com). It's wonderful!! At last, great Hummus! We added caramelized garlic and then sprinkled on a little sumac (on the right), trying to get a similar result to Anissa Helou's bowl of hummus pictured on the left. (She very kindly emailed an image along with a clarification to her recipe.)

Hommus © Anissa Helou www.anissas.comHummus © ejm February 2010

Here it is with olive oil and a little chopped coriander leaf because we didn't have parsley on hand (what?? who doesn't always have parsley on hand?)

Hummus © ejm April 2010

In January and February, we made pita and ate the hummus with the lovely soft bread. But in April, we decided to serve the hummus with triangles of pita that had been tossed in olive oil then baked til crispy in the oven.

Hummus © ejm April 2010

Pita Chips

Pita: made on the stovetop . made on the stone in oven . made on the barbecue . chips . made into regular hamburger buns (baked in barbecue)

This is a great way to rescue stale or storebought pita.

Hummus © ejm April 2010

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