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Green Garlic Omelette

May 2010

The first time we used green garlic in an omelette, it was very simple, using only grated gouda and green garlic (delicious). The omelette below is a bit more complex with green garlic, ham, mushrooms and potatoes (equally delicious).

Green Garlic omelette (May 2010)

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Procedure: In a well-seasoned cast iron pan, cook mushrooms, ham and potatoes in oil; add chopped green garlic (all of it, including leaves) and sauté for another minute or so; break eggs; whisk eggs with a bit of water; add eggs to pan and cook; tilt pan to cook eggs evenly; fold over (please scroll up).

Green Garlic omelette (May 2010)

Green Garlic Omelette

to blog from OUR kitchen: green garlic omelette (bookmarked recipe) ~ We have the best no-stick pan

Green Garlic

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Green Garlic (May 2010)

Green garlic is from the young garlic shoots that come up in spring. We have been very fortunate to have access to fresh farm eggs these past few months. The eggs are wonderful!

Green Garlic (May 2010)

Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron Frying Pans (June 2011)

Well seasoned cast-iron pans are the ultimate in "no-stick" pans.

Cast Iron Frying Pan (June 2011)

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