Green Bean Casserole

February 2008
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I saw this casserole listed on a post about green beans on Alanna Kellogg's (A Veggie Venture) blog, with the title "World's Best Green Bean Casserole".

It might look a bit like dog's breakfast here but you'll have to take our word (and Alanna's) for it. This really is the best green bean casserole!

green bean casserole © ejm February 2008

The original recipe calls for canned cream of mushroom soup but as per Alanna's advice, we made our own mushroom soup. The recipe also calls for canned onions. We did use those because Alanna said we had to. (We're very obedient.)

And they're wonderful! But next time, we'll stray and just caramelize our own onions and mix them with breadcrumbs. We're guessing that we'll like the casserole just as much.

Parboil green beans until al dente. Immediately plunge in ice cold water and drain well.

green beans © ejm February 2008

Start by sautéeing sliced mushrooms in olive oil to make the mushroom soup.

mushrooms © ejm February 2008mushrooms © ejm February 2008

Stir flour into the mushrooms

mushrooms © ejm February 2008

Stir milk and stock powder into the mushrooms. This is now basically cream of mushroom soup and could be served just like this. But it's even better when there are green beans added!! (Please take a look at a different kind of mushroom soup.)

mushrooms © ejm February 2008

The recipe calls for canned onions. Saute bread crumbs in olive oil. Remove from heat and add the canned onions.

canned onions © ejm February 2008canned onions © ejm February 2008

Put the green beans into a buttered casserole dish.

green beans © ejm February 2008green beans © ejm February 2008

Slather the mushroom mixture on top of the green beans.

mushrooms © ejm February 2008mushrooms © ejm February 2008

Put the crumbs over top and bake until they are golden brown.

crumb topping © ejm February 2008crumb topping © ejm February 2008

Serve immediately.

green bean casserole © ejm February 2008

On this particular day, we served this fabulous green bean casserole with oven roasted sweet potatoes, rice and Faux Swiss Steak. We know we'll be having this casserole many more times with many different dishes. (Wouldn't it be wonderful with a roast ham?!)

green bean casserole © ejm February 2008

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