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Ice Cream - Guess the Flavour!

October 2009

Hint: it tastes like the light green part of water melon!

ice cream - October 2009

Ice Cream - Guess Another Flavour!

May 2012

Hint: What's in the 3rd drawer of Melchior's box?

ice cream - May 2012

I confess that this is not my favourite flavour for sweets at all. In fact, I'm afraid to taste this ice cream! But it's very aromatic and others say it's fabulously good.

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Ice Cream - Guess the Flavours!

(answers at bottom of page)


Answers: ǝɔıɹoɔıl :ʎǝɹƃ | opɐɔoʌɐ :uǝǝɹƃ-ʎǝɹƃ

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