Hoisin Chicken (or Pork) & Peanuts and Broccoli Stirfry

Hoisin Chicken & Peanuts and Broccoli Stirfry - February 2006

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Hoisin Chicken & Peanuts

Hoisin Chicken and Peanuts - February 2006

Stir fry chilis, peanuts and garlic in oil. Add chicken then Chinese cooking wine, Hoisin and soy sauces.

Peanuts, chilis in wok - February 2006 Chinese cooking wine, hoisin sauce, soy sauce - February 2006
Hoisin Chicken and Peanuts - February 2006

Broccoli stirfry

broccoli, ginger, garlic and Chinese cooking wine (made from Shaohsing rice wine)

broccoli in wok - February 2006 Broccoli stir-fry - February 2006
Broccoli stir-fry - February 2006

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Serve Hoisin Chicken & Peanuts and stir-fried broccoli with steamed Thai rice. (scroll up for more photos)

Hoisin Chicken and peanuts; broccoli stirfry - February 2006

Hoisin Pork & Peanuts

December 2012

Pork is equally delicious as chicken.

Hoisin Pork and Peanuts - December 2012

When broccoli isn't available, green beans with fermented bean sauce work just as wonderfully.

Green Beans - December 2012

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