Jaggery Chicken

January 2006

This is our version of my sister's jaggery (cane sugar) chicken.

jaggery melting (28 Jan 2006) add garlic and ginger (28 Jan 2006)cook garlic and ginger in bubbling jaggery (28 Jan 2006)
add chicken and fish sauce - quel pong! (28 Jan 2006)

1. Melt jaggery; 2. Add garlic and ginger; 3. Saute in bubbling jaggery; 4. Add cubed chicken (dark meat) and fish sauce - hold your breath!; 5. Let it bubble - don't worry, the fish sauce stench dissipates; 6. Add chopped green chilies

chicken added (28 Jan 2006) add chopped green chilies (28 Jan 2006)

7. Serve with rice and stir-fried broccoli with peanuts

jaggery chicken and broccoli with peanuts (28 Jan 2006)

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