May, June, July 2013

June 2013: These Persian-style chapli kebabs (literally "slipper" kebabs) are made without skewers. The meat was flavoured with anardana and served with dahl and nan-e-Barbari (Persian flatbread), stir-fried cabbage and hot hot hot red chillies.

anardana chapli kebabs - May 2013

June 2013: Here are Persian-style mint chapli kebabs served with my favourite, brown dahl.

chapli kebabs - June 2013

Normally, we associate kebabs with skewers. We searched and searched for affordable skewers. We wanted to get the kind that look like wide bladed swords but they were ridiculously long and/or ridiculously expensive. After much searching, we were thrilled to find these skewers with bamboo handles.

skewers - June 2013
skewers - June 2013

After a lot of cursing and fighting to get just one unbroken mushroom and zero cubed meat onto one of the skewers - we didn't even try to put a pepper piece or onion, we realized that this cast metal wok with holes would work equally well - if not better. It is the best! It's great for barbecuing vegetables, fish, and/or small pieces of meat. (Please see more photos of the barbecue wok.)

barbecue wok Aug2007

We put the new kebab skewers in with the other skewers in the 'empty' drawer in the kitchen.

'empty' drawer July2013

July 2013: We followed the wonderful recipe for 'Tavuk Kebabi (Mint & Aleppo Pepper Marinated Chicken Kebabs)' in SAVEUR No.157 to make these Sheesh-kebabs - we WERE going to skewer these but couldn't seem to manage it. The barbecue wok really did the trick.

kebabs - June 2013

kebabs - June 2013

We served the sheesh-kebabs on couscous with preserved lemons.

kebabs - June 2013

Asparagus was a perfect addition.

kebabs - June 2013

blog from OUR kitchen: Sheesh! Kebabs ~ chapli kebabs

We are thrilled to have an autographed copy of the wonderful cookbook "Mangoes and Curry Leaves" by Jeffery Alford and Naomi Duguid.

Mangoes and Curry Leaves

May 2013: Our chives are flowering!


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