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Chickpea Soup with Harissa and Croutons

Lablabi (chickpea soup) is sold by Tunisian street vendors. To make a facsimile, we followed - pretty much - the recipe in "Mediterranean Street Food" by Anissa Helou. It's wonderful!! (Both the book and the soup...).

chickpea soup © ejm January 2010

Harissa is a key ingredient in this soup. (See more photos of harissa.)

chickpea soup © ejm January 2010

We drizzled olive oil on bread and toasted it in the oven til golden and crispy. The soup was then ladled overtop. A squeeze of lemon and spoonful of harissa in the center completed the dish. What a great way to use up day-old bread!

chickpea soup © ejm January 2010chickpea soup © ejm January 2010
chickpea soup © ejm January 2010

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There was a little soup left so we cubed the bread and fried it in olive oil - to make sure the bread didn't turn immediately to mush.

chickpea soup © ejm January 2010

It doesn't look quite as pretty as with the larger croutons. But it tasted just as wonderful.

chickpea soup © ejm January 2010

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