Fried Mandolined Potatoes

March 2006/November2008

We love fried mandolined potatoes! If we add an egg and a bit of flour to the mandolined potatoes, we call them latkes or potato pancakes. If we don't add the egg and flour and serve them for breakfast, we call them hash browns. If we serve them for dinner, we call them rosti. Whatever they're called, they're delicious! (The mandolin is also ideal for slicing radishes for radish butter.)

rosti - November 2008

March 2006

We use either the cast iron frying pan or our cast iron griddle - and sometimes both if there are LOTS of potatoes. (The flat cast iron pan is also great for making pancakes)

potato pancake - March 2006

hash browns - March 2006 potato pancake - March 2006 potato pancake - March 2006

Mmmmm, breakfast is served....

rosti - November 2008

Fried Mandolined Potatoes

to blog from OUR kitchen: Fried Mandolined Potatoes (includes recipe) ~ when mandolining... always use the guard!

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