Marmalade Chicken

January 2011

After tasting our homemade marmalade, we decided we needed to use the leftover commercial marmalade we had in cooking to make the marmalade chicken recipe in the LCBO's magazine Food and Drink (Winter 2011).

marmalade chicken (January 2011)

The chicken pieces (we used thighs) are slathered with marmalade/rosemary/mustard mixture and then roasted on a bed of stock and onions in a cast iron pan. We roasted the chicken in our toaster oven. The recipe calls for fresh rosemary. If our rosemary plant in the basement hadn't kicked the bucket sometime in early December, we would have used fresh rosemary. We substituted by using less colourful dried rosemary instead. Once the chicken was cooked, we decided it wasn't quite golden enough. So we drained it (reserving the juices, of course!) and stuck the chicken under the broiler to brown it further.

marmalade chicken (January 2011)

We made the sauce with onions, chicken stock and more marmalade/rosemary/mustard mixture (using all those wonderful caramelized bits in the roasting pan).

sauce (January 2011)

We served the chicken with mashed potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. Dinner was is delicious.

marmalade chicken (January 2011)

marmalade chicken

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