Problems with 2009 Milk Calendar

November/December 2008

Even though we rarely use the recipes in the Milk calendar any more, we still like to have the calendar in the kitchen. It has nice big squares as well as nice photos of the dishes to prepare. (Many of the calendar recipes are notorious for being somewhat dull....) The calendar arrives with the Toronto Star on a Saturday in November.

2009 Milk Calendar  - November 2008

There is even a printed note on the current calendar alerting us to watch for the new calendar. Under normal circumstances, we switch to using the new calendar immediately. This year, however, we are still using the 2008 version.

2009 Milk Calendar  - November 2008

Here is the place we like to keep the calendar. The beauty of the normal width of the 2008 milk calendar (and all the previous versions) is that we can keep the City's not-so-attractive-utilitarian recycling schedule on the same hook underneath the more attractive milk calendar. See how the 2008 calendar fits almost perfectly over top of the City's recycling schedule.

2008 Milk Calendar  - November 2008

On the left, see how the 2008 version fits beautifully on the wall between the two trays. On the right, the 2009 version is TOO long and TOO narrow. We could put the City's calendar in a drawer and just use the Milk calendar. But it would mean moving the calendar hook (putting another hole in the wall) and rearranging where the trays go.

2008 Milk Calendar  - November 20082009 Milk Calendar  - November 2008

And this is how the new "improved" version of the milk calendar looks in our kitchen. Not all the squares on the city's recycling calendar are available. At least one square per week is filled entirely with coloured icons. What a shame that we will have to go looking for another kitchen calendar to use in 2009!

2009 Milk Calendar  - November 2008

to blog from OUR kitchen: someone "fixed" the Milk calendar... ~ kitchen calendar problem solved

Our favourite store, Pasquale Brothers, came to our rescue! This calendar was in a stack of complimentary calendars at the cash area of the store when we went there to get some roccolo cheese for Christmas Eve.

2009 Pasquale Brothers Calendar  - December 2008

The calendar is exactly the right size.

2009 Pasquale Brothers Calendar  - December 2008

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