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Mint Pesto

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Mint Pesto (11 April 2006)

Ingredients for Mint Pesto: mint, parsley, lemon verbena, lemon, garlic, olive oil, toasted pecans

for Mint Pesto (11 April 2006)

mint, parsley, lemon verbena

mint, parsley (11 April 2006) lemon verbena (11 April 2006)

garlic, lemon, toasted pecans

lemon, lemon zest (11 April 2006) toasted pecans (11 April 2006)

Caramelize some garlic in olive oil. Toss spaghettini in hot oil. Add some of the mint pesto and toss some more.

toss spaghettini (11 April 2006) toss spaghettini (11 April 2006)

Here it is served with grilled chicken and steamed sugar snap peas.

spaghettini with mint pesto, grilled chicken, sugar snap peas (11 April 2006)

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mint (11 April 2006)

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