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Pecan Cashew Mole

August 2009

We've often made a red mole with chocolate to go into chicken enchiladas. But this pecan cashew mole based on a recipe on habeasbrulee.com caught our eye and we had to try it. It was this phrase that clinched the deal: "Oh my god, this sauce! There's so much going on!"

mole August 2009

These tiny dried shrimps are wonderful in the mole. (The spoon in the photo is a teaspoon.) They are readily available in Chinatown.

shrimp August 2009

When it gets to this stage, put it in a food processor to process until it's smooth.

mole August 2009

Mole may not be the prettiest looking sauce when it's finished but close your eyes if the sight of it offends you and taste it. It's absolutely delicious. Serve it under grilled meat with a green vegetable and garnish coriander leaf if you have it. (Or put it into enchiladas.)

Pecan Cashew Mole and Flat Bread

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Flat Bread

We also served pitas that had been shaped rather thickly and baked on the barbecue. This bread is also ideal for hamburgers.

bread - June 2006

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