mushrooms: oyster mushrooms . grilled for salad . oil-infused . in an omelette . in ravioli . soup . stuffed . with fettucine and Truffle oil

Oil-infused Mushrooms

August 2011

Oil-infused Portobello mushrooms with garlic, whole peppercorns and blackened chili peppers

oil-infused mushrooms  - August 2011

We used some of the mushrooms and oil to make a fabulous omelette. (Please see another mushroom omelette.)

oil-infused mushrooms  - August 2011

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Apparently, the oil and mushrooms keep for several days in the fridge. However, they are also so wonderful for dinner on just-baked bread that they don't keep in the fridge very long at all....

oil-infused mushrooms  - August 2011

If there are any left, they are also delicious drizzled over a grilled chop.

oil-infused mushrooms  - August 2011

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