fettucine: Fresh noodles Alfredo . wine . Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks . with chicken and pinenuts . with mushrooms and truffle oil . with poppy seeds . with walnuts

with golden raisins (2008) . with Thompson raisins (2010)

Nigella's Chicken

March 2008

This wonderful dish made with roast chicken, pine nuts, golden raisins and parsley tossed in fresh egg noodles is based on Nigella Lawson's Tagliatelle with Chicken from the Venetian Ghetto.

Nigella's chicken (March 2008)

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We always make fresh noodles for Nigella's Chicken. We like to put some whole wheat flour in the pasta dough - it helps to keep the fettucine separate once they're cooked. (See photos of making pasta.)

fresh pasta (March 2008)

Sauté pinenuts and golden raisins in olive oil til the pinenuts are golden. Set aside.

pinenuts (March 2008)
pinenuts (March 2008)

Roast chicken legs in a cast iron pan until the skin is crispy. Once the chicken is roasted, tear into bite size pieces. Include the skin! (Use the bones to make stock.) Put chicken and any juices from the pan into the pinenuts and raisins mixture. Toss just cooked pasta in any juices still in the cast iron pan.

Nigella's chicken (March 2008)fresh pasta (March 2008)

Add chopped parsley to the pinenuts and golden raisins and bring the pan back onto medium heat. Toss the noodles with the pinenuts and golden raisins.

Nigella's Chicken (March 2008)

Serve Nigella's Chicken with sugarsnap peas (not pictured) or green beans.

Nigella's Chicken (March 2008)

Nigella's Chicken (March 2008)

March 2010

Nigella's Chicken is just as wonderful made with Thompson raisins as it is with golden raisins. On this occasion, we used flat-leaf parsley rather than curly. Sugarsnap peas really are the perfect accompaniment.

Nigella's Chicken (March 2010)

Nigella's Chicken (March 2010)

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Nigella's Chicken

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Wash storebought parsley and keep it in a jar on the counter. Trim the stems and change the water daily.

parsley (October 2007)parsley (April 2006)

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