mushrooms: oyster mushrooms . grilled for salad . oil-infused . in an omelette . in ravioli . soup . stuffed . with fettucine and Truffle oil

Oyster Mushrooms

July 2010

One of the fellows at our local farmers' market is selling all kinds of mushrooms that his neighbour is growing in his barn. We couldn't resist buying this beautiful bunch of oyster mushrooms.

mushrooms - July 2010

It almost seemed a shame to spoil the looks and cut it up. (We're drying the bottom section to put into stock.)

mushrooms - July 2010

We drizzled the mushrooms with olive oil and then quickly grilled them in the barbecue wok.

mushrooms - July 2010mushrooms - July 2010mushrooms - July 2010
salad - July 2010

We placed the grilled oyster mushroomson a bed of grilled red pepper and watercress that was lightly dressed with a simple vinaigrette. Garnished with fresh thyme, this was a brilliant first course for a festive dinner. We were a little worried that the perfectly chilled Jackson Triggs Riesling (2004) might be too sweet (even though the label says "Dry Riesling") for the mushrooms but it was lovely.

salad - July 2010

salad - July 2010

Grilled Oyster Mushrooms

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