Pita: made on the stovetop . made on the stone in oven . made on the barbecue . chips . made into regular hamburger buns (baked in barbecue)

Making Pita

Rolling out the dough.

roll pita (28 Jan 2006) roll pita (28 Jan 2006)

All the pitas puffed... the flat ones on the right deflated when they were turned over. The photo is blurry because we didn't want the oven open too long.

pita in oven (28 Jan 2006)

Stack of finished pita.

pita stack (28 Jan 2006)

pitas can also be cooked on the stovetop

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pita cooking on the stovetop (25 Feb 2006)

Procedure: 1.) place uncooked disc on unoiled hot tava; 2.) look for little bubbles and uniform lighter colour; 3.) turn over half cooked pita; 4.) move pita from tava to rack over med high to high heat; 5-8.) use tongs to move the pita around on rack so it puffs all over; 9.) sometimes little holes appear to deflate the pita. (This the same method we use to make chapatis and tortillas. The carbon steel tava is also ideal for making crepes.)

1.) 2.) 3.)

Pita can also be made on the barbecue.

flat hamburger buns (foccaccia dough) . regular hamburger buns

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