Potato (etc. etc.) Salad

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potato (etc. etc.) salad - August 2006

Our potato salad is an amalgamation of warm potato salad made with oil and lemon juice and cold potato salad made with mayonnaise.

hot potatoes and green beans tossed in oil and lemon juice - August 2006 cold potato salad ingredients - August 2006

Cooked new potatoes and blanched green (and yellow) beans are tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, mustard and garlic. It smells wonderful and every time I make potato salad, I swear that I will remember to make hot potato salad for dinner another night. This mixture is refrigerated til well cooled.

warm potato salad - August 2006

Once the warm potato salad is cooled completely, the rest of the ingredients are added and gently tossed. Then back in the fridge again to meld and get really cold for a picnic or dinner on a hot summer evening. Here is the potato salad served with chicken stuffed with goat cheese. (scroll up for more photos)

chicken log and potato salad - August 2006

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Parsley and Chives

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parsley and chives - August 2006

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