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Mushroom, etc.

October 2007

Dried mushroom, ham, onion, parmesan-like cheese quiche garnished with parsley

quiche - October 2007

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Use a fork to prick holes in the pastry shell before baking.

pastry - October 2007

While the pastry is baking til just tinged with gold, soak dried mushrooms in boiling water. Slice them and then fry with onions, ham and roughly chopped hard cheese (we used the outside edge of a parmesan-like cheese). Turn off the heat when the onions are a little caramelized, and allow the mixture to cool before adding beaten eggs, light cream, salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture into the prebaked shell and bake until the custard is set.

quiche filling - October 2007

Just out of the oven. It's a good idea to let quiche rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

quiche - October 2007

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Close-up of quiche garnished with parsley

quiche - October 2007


March 2011

Kale, onion, mozzarella (we used up some kale chips that after the novelty wore off, we were very quickly tired of them on their own.)

quiche - March 2011

quiche - March 2011


November 2012

Ham, leek and Emmanthal

quiche - November 2012

The shells from farm eggs are beautiful. Not only are they this lovely brown colour, but they are also firm and thick. Clearly very happy chickens have laid these eggs.

egg shells - November 2012

When we went to get those beautiful eggs from our friends, we were given this extra bounty of multi-coloured carrots and leeks from their garden. (The carrots were amazing, tasting just like carrots but better. The blonde carrots had hints of parsnip flavours.)

bounty - November 2012

The furry black fiend was very interested in the leeks.

bounty - November 2012
bounty - November 2012

Ham and Shallots

February 2013

When we got farm eggs recently, we were given a bonus of the most beautiful shallots. We decided to feature them both in quiche. Adding good smoky ham from our butcher and emmanthal were delicious touches.

quiche - March 2013

As well as shallots, our friend gave us some garlic. It was perfect caramelized with stir-fried rapini.

quiche - March 2013

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