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Reuben Sandwich (close, anyway)

In January 2007, I made my first loaf of sweet and sour caraway rye bread. The main reason? So we could have Reuben sandwiches...

cook til golden on both sides (Jan 2007)

Even though a real Reuben sandwich is made with corned beef, we fried some good smokey ham made by one of the Polish butchers in our neighbourhood. Okay, so our sandwiches were quasi-Reuben sandwich. Rest assured; whatever they are called, they were fabulous.

Slice bread. Fry some ham in butter in a non-stick pan.

caraway rye bread (Jan 2007) fry ham (Jan 2007)

Slather the bread with Thousand Island dressing (mayonnaise, pickle relish and ketchup) and cover one side generously with thinly sliced Swiss cheese. Add a good shot of sauerkraut (also available from one of the Polish delis).

quasi-Reuben sandwich (Jan 2007) add Sauerkraut (Jan 2007)

Add ham. Close the sandwich.

Add ham (Jan 2007)Close the sandwich. (Jan 2007)

Melt a bit more butter in the pan that was used to fry the ham. Carefully place sandwiches in pan.

Melt butter in nonstick pan (Jan 2007)Place sandwiches in pan. (Jan 2007)

Cover the pan and cook til golden on one side. Remove from pan and set aside as you add a little more butter to the pan.

Melt butter in nonstick pan (Jan 2007)half done (Jan 2007)

Place gently in the pan and cook til golden on the other side. Admire the beauty but don't forget to cover the pan til the sandwiches are done.

half done (Jan 2007) Cover the pan (Jan 2007)

Cut in half and serve immediately. (If you just arrived at this page, scroll up for more photos)

quasi-Reuben sandwich (Jan 2007)

Reuben Sandwich on caraway rye bread (Jan 2007)

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