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Salad with Pears and Pinenuts

November 2008

salad  - November 2008

This salad with toasted pinenuts and oven dried pears is drizzled with a simple vinaigrette and shaved Ilha Branca (not unsimilar to Parmesan). Even though baby spinach leaves were called for, it turns out that red leaf lettuce is another perfect foil. Here is a closer view.

salad  - November 2008

Serve the salad with good crusty bread. (I made one of our favourites from Maggie Glezer's book "Artisan Breads of America".) And sparkling wine goes perfectly with this.

salad  - November 2008

to blog from OUR kitchen - salad with pears and pinenuts
to blog from OUR kitchen - shrimps in Pernod and NON-sour bread

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