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August 2010

As wonderful as it is, corn isn't just for eating directly off the cob. It's great in corn chowder or with rice. And in salsa!!

corn salsa - August 2010

While we were making the corn salsa, we also made salsa verde. Here are the ingredients: tomatillos, Jalapeno peppers, lime (the corn, tomatoes and red peppers are for corn salsa)

tomatillos, etc - August 2010

ingredients for salsa verde being cooked in the barbecue wok

tomatillos - August 2010

ingredients ready to be made into salsas

tomatillos - August 2010

cutting the corn off the cob; barbecued chicken

corn salsa - August 2010corn salsa - August 2010

page from 'Salsas and Ketchups' by Sylvana Franco

corn salsa - August 2010

We put a freshly baked pita onto each plate and scattered some corn salsa over top. Then we placed barbecued chicken on top of that and scattered some more corn salsa on top of the chicken. Steamed green beans on the side. And salsa verde as well. (oops, we forgot to take a photo of the salsa verde!)

corn salsa - August 2010

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