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July 2006

The flower heads of garlic should be cut to encourage root growth (ie: garlic). The cuttings are fantastic stir-fried in olive oil. Too bad we only have three....

scapes - July 2006

'Music' Scapes

June 2015

Last fall, we planted six cloves of 'Music' garlic in various places in the garden. We were thrilled that all of them came up AND produced flowers.

scapes - June 2015

Scapes are delicately garlic-flavoured and are perfect with freshly picked Ontario asparagus.

scapes - June 2015

Because they are so young, the scapes are very tender. We chopped them, fried them in olive oil and then tossed in lightly steamed Ontario asparagus. The asparagus was wonderful with oven roasted chicken and mashed potatoes.

scapes - June 2015

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