Indian dessert with saffron and cardamom

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This is made from full fat plain yoghurt wrapped in cheese cloth and hung to release the liquid. Sugar, cardamom, saffron are then stirred in. Even though it is not incredibly rich with butterfat, it is still quite rich tasting so small servings are in order. Here it is garnished with violas, gingermint and/or toasted almonds.

srikund - May 2006

Srikund garnished with viola and gingermint

srikund - May 2006

Srikund garnished with viola, gingermint and toasted almonds

srikund - May 2006

Saffron; viola and gingermint

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saffron - June 2006 viola and gingermint - May 2006

saffron, viola, gingermint - May 2006

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Ginger mint and Viola

Ginger mint and Viola - May 2006

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