fettucine: Fresh noodles Alfredo . wine . Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks . with chicken and pinenuts . with mushrooms and truffle oil . with poppy seeds . with walnuts

Walnut Pasta

Walnuts from B.C. - freshly shelled

walnuts from B.C.

Spaghettini in walnut sauce

spaghettini in walnut sauce

pasta: bacon, potatoes, Provolone . basil pesto . chicken livers . dried peppers . favourite . mint pesto . preserved lemon . puttanesca . red pepper . sage sweet potato . shrimps in pernod . skyliner . walnut cream sauce

...to Ivonne's recipe for making pasta with walnut sauce

to blog from OUR kitchen - at last - a use for all those walnuts!

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