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Wild Bread Successes: May 2008 . August 2008

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Flat Wild Bread Again

October 2008

Rats. Flat wild bread again! Eventually, I might learn how to make this when the kitchen is cold....

wild yeast bread © ejm October 2008

While the bread was rising (ha...), I placed herbs and dried cranberries on top of the loaf. Just before baking it, I slashed a ring around the herbs. Then I made another tactical error and scattered more flour over top. Silly me.

wild yeast bread © ejm October 2008

I imagined that the bread would spring in the oven. Once again, ha. I don't think the bread changed in size one iota.

wild yeast bread © ejm October 2008

This photograph doesn't really give quite the right impression. The crumb was overly moist - almost as if the bread was not baked enough - even though the internal temperature was around 210F. I'm still convinced that the bread had not risen enough before being baked. And yet, there are the tell-tale signs of baker's bedroom at the top of the loaf, indicating over-rising. Not a chance that that occurred.

wild yeast bread © ejm October 2008

Remarkably, the bread had pretty good flavour and did not absolutely ruin the dinner.

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