T's Coq au Vin © TPH & llizard aka ejm 1996,2000,2001

T devised this recipe after our senses were inundated at the Dijon weekly market while bicycling in Burgundy in 1996 and wrote this up for our friends, who were suitably amazed by this wonderful dish:

Ingredients Method

An aside.

The French often use LARDONS in much of their cooking. Lardons are small pieces of cubed very smoky bacon. The idea here is that they render the fat out of the lardons and use it to brown onions or chicken or whatever. In this recipe I *have* used lardons and it does add a kind of smoky complexity, which is very good, however it also adds a lot of cholesterol. The last two times I made it I used a good olive oil and, while I noticed a difference, it was very good. I think I'll probably use olive oil most the time from here on in.

We saw this being cooked in an outdoor market in Dijon (in Burgundy). The smell was amazing and I have taken my cues from there. I *never* cook from a recipe so I'm winging this a bit with regard to exact measurements. I taste and adjust all the time. This may differ from many French recipes - it is purely my own. As an assurance we ate Coq au Vin on many occasions in France. This is as good or better than any.


I can attest to the fact that this dish is absolutely superb. Serve it with boiled potatoes and green beans. Your dining guests will be in heaven and your neighbours will be envious. +--http://etherwork.net/recipes/-------------------------------+