Guava or Peach Marinade © emorris 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2014

revised March 2006; mustard recipe added 2014

We were given a jar of Guava Jam for Christmas and found that we weren't eating it. T devised this marinade that is wonderful on grilled chicken - but I suspect is good for any kind of meat. The amount here is for one whole smallish chicken that has been butterflied. When the jar was finished, we switched to using some rather inferior peach jam that had been on sale for what seemed to be a ridiculously low price until we tasted it on toast. However, it works perfectly for making this marinade!

Ingredients Preparation
  1. Mix it all together and slather on chicken.
  2. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours before slow grilling over low heat.

Basic Mustard


Please note that brown mustard seeds are preferrable to plain yellow (we generally use a half and half mix of "Oriental" golden and brown mustard seeds). Grind half the whole mustard seeds til finely ground. Grind the other half of the seeds til they are coarsely ground. Add the water to the ground mustard and stir. Apparently, the colder the water, the hotter the mustard. Let sit for a time in refrigerator. Add remaining ingredients and blend. You can also add herbs and/or substitute wine for some of the vinegar for differently flavoured mustards. We usually add tarragon and ground cloves to our mustard. Pour into sterilized jars to seal. Refrigerate mustard.