Orange, Red Onion, Fennel Salad © llizard aka ejm 2002

Ingredients Preparation
  1. Into a small bowl put oil, vinegar, chili pepper, honey. Whisk it together for a minute or two. Set aside.

  2. Wash oranges well and zest one. Put the zest into the bowl. Peel oranges, making sure to get rid of the pith. Slice thinly in rounds. Place in the serving dish.

  3. Peel red onion and slice thinly in rounds. Add to the oranges.

  4. Trim fennel bulb. Julienne and add to the oranges and onions.

  5. Pour the dressing overtop and toss. Add salt and pepper. Cover the serving dish with plastic and refrigerate until serving time.

  6. At serving time, toss the salad once more, adding the mint and fennel fronds.

Serve as a side with grilled meat or fish.