Transferring pizza into the oven:

And now for the trick of transferring the uncooked pizza from board/tray to stone. Couragio! Some people say that one should sprinkle cornmeal on the stone but we haven't found that to be necessary. Put the far edge of the board/tray onto the stone and pull your hand back suddenly. The dough should slide onto the stone. Of course, if you are too vigorous, it might slide beyond the stone and onto the floor of the oven. (don't ask how I know this...) If it doesn't slide on the first jerk of you hand, don't despair. Just try again. You can use a spatula to try to push any parts that go past the stone.

A word of caution: try to avoid experimentation with this jerking method when the board/tray is on the counter. Only the most dextrous person can catch floppy uncooked fully loaded pizza that is flying past the counter toward the floor. (again, please don't ask...)

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