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High Park, Toronto - 4 May 2013

It was brilliantly sunny again the following day, so we went back again on Saturday morning around 9am. But we were too late to miss the crowds. In fact, we think there were even more people than there were the day before.

cherry blossoms

We loved this girl in the kimono. When we first saw her, she was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt (the jeans and T-shirt are artfully hidden beneath the kimono in the photos of her). She and a friend were standing by the fence and I saw her reach into a shopping bag and pull the kimono out. It took them about 5 minutes to get the kimono and obi on and then she walked over to stand beneath the cherry tree for a photo. Look at her feet when she is walking and you can see the bottoms of her jeans and her running shoes.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

Even more than the girl in the kimono, I loved the elderly lady in the blue sweater and straw hat, who stood by - with the help of her walking stand - to watch the proceedings. You can see her in the photo with the writing on it. She is walking back to supervise the kimono dressing. If you squint, the kimono is just visible in that photo too.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

Isn't life wonderful?!

We rode over early Sunday morning (we arrived at 7am!) to see what the trees look like when nobody is around. Ha! We didn't get there early enough. We didn't bother taking more photos. There weren't quite as many people as there were at 9am the day before but the park was already beginning to fill up and almost every cherry tree had at least one person beneath it.

I don't think I've ever seen so many tripods and telescopic lenses in one small area before.

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