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Humber River Trail, Toronto - March 2009

Humber River Trail March 2009 On Sunday, 8 March, we took advantage of the warmer weather (anticipating more cold and snow here in the next couple of days when the icy western blast arrives here) to go for a bike ride to look at the Humber River. We entered the Humber River Trail via St. Marks Road.

And we should have known that there was trouble ahead....

There was a GIANT mound of snow at the park entrance surrounded by really wet muddy grass.

Once in the park, we headed north along the clear dry bike path and got as far as the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Humber just under the railway bridge (Lambton Park). The path was entirely covered in icy snow. It's quite possible that the bridge was entirely covered in ice too. We tried feeding the birds that were flitting about (we saw wrens, chickadees and finches) but they were too shy.

So we turned around to head south along the river towards home. There were a few families walking with dogs and children. One dog looked like it was out of its mind with joy - it had clearly been rolling in the mud.

We had to walk over one small section of the path that was covered in snow and slush and then rode happily on the clear dry trail that must have been cleared by machines. On both sides of the trail were large blocks of ice. The pedestrian trail that runs parallel to the bike/hike trail was inaccessible - either covered in mud or submerged. The river isn't exactly white water but is rushing wildly, very high and well past its usual banks (I would have been nervous to let a dog go off leash).

Of course we didn't have the camera with us.

So we returned the following day. And rode back again to take pictures of the ice, more pictures of the ice and even more pictures of the ice.

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