Humber River Trail, Toronto - March 2009

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So back north we headed.

Humber River Trail March 2009

How did this bench manage to stay in place?!

Humber River Trail March 2009

We exited the park via the revoltingly steep St Mark's Hill (just a cool-down kind of hill for anyone who lives in Coquitlam though). The photograph doesn't really show just how steep and long the hill is. There are generally enough cars that it is impossible to traverse all the way across the road. That day, there was still some ice on the right shoulder. We call this hill "Appendicitis Hill"; it's one that we used to test my strength just before we went riding in France and only 6 weeks after I'd had acute appendicitus. (Yes, I did manage to ride up that day but on Sunday, both of us had to walk... on Monday, the traffic was a bit better and we managed - just - to ride all the way up.)

St. Marks Road March 2009

What a beautiful ride.

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