Sorauren Park Kite Festival, Toronto - April 2009

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Sorauren Park Kite Festival April 2009 On Saturday, 4 April, even though it was a very blustery day, we headed out for a bike ride and discovered that there was going to be a kite festival in Sorauren Park that afternoon. So we headed back home to get T's kite and walked over to the park.

There were lots of families in the park and lots of kites of various sizes. Some homemade and some not. The ground was really spongy but nobody seemed to mind.

I brought a little 50cent kite that didn't really want to fly. But two kids were soon very interested in trying to get it to fly and off they ran on the spongy field with the little kite fluttering valiantly behind them.

As soon as T and another fellow both sent their similar big kites up into the air, many peoples' attention was focussed on the two kites, watching as they climbed higher and higher, wildly dancing in the cloudy sky.

But the story is really much better from T's point of view. Please read on.

Sorauren Park Kite Festival, April 2009

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