Turkish Festival, Toronto August 2008

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Dancing: Toronto Turkish Festival 2008 We rode our bikes downtown on Sunday of the August long weekend - the same weekend that Caribana festivities were going on on Toronto Island - and were amazed to see that Dundas Square was full of all things Turkish. There was a man wearing a red fez, a red costume embroidered with gold thread and belt filled with drinking cups, walking around with a samovar of lemonade. And stall after stall of various foods. I tried börek, a pastry filled with cheese and some sort of green leaf (the women at the table were unable to tell me what the leaf was... parsley?? spinach???) and T tried a sweet pastry. Then we got completely distracted watching some women rolling out the dough for Gözleme.

Naturally, we didn't have the camera.

So we rode home to get it. And rode back again to take pictures of the crowds and many pictures of ladies making gözleme.

intro -+- page1: crowds -+- page2: making gözleme

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