Subject: THE BOX
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:44:28 -0600

Hello all,

We opened the box!!

The inside was soaking wet of course having been completely under water.

Contents salvaged:
Mickey Mouse ring.
Teddy Tail League pin (as I recall this was an English "literary" organization for little kids, I don't remember anything about it, I just liked the pin).
Junior Birdmen of America pin with Eagle bar (a kid's organization about aircraft - I remember writing a test and there was a letter from an admiral congratulating me on such a wide range of knowledge about aircraft entitling me to the eagle bar - the letter was soaked).
A small "pearl" handle pocket knife.
A Winnipeg Horse Show Coin - no date or other identification.
A 1937 English 3-pence coin.
A Confederation commemorative coin - 1867-1927.
A small cameo broach and two smaller cameos - for ear rings? - no fastenings. I don't remember these at all and have no idea where they came from.

Items thrown out:
U.of M. convocation brochures - 1943 (my brother's year) and 1946 (my year).
Letters M to me.
Mickey Mouse pen and pencil set.
A .22 cartridge case.
A couple of pencil stubs.
A really primitive carving of a horse's head. It was so bad I had to tell M what it was.
A little booklet of the kind you flip through very fast so the pictures form a moving scene - the scene was a well dressed gentleman being chased by a bull.
A note book with drawings by me - none original, just copies of things like Popeye, mickey mouse, etc.
A cigar box (the old cedar kind) which contained the small stuff. It had warped really badly and could not have been restored.

I hosed down the box inside and out and it has survived well. The lock opened easily. I found two keys in an old key case in my upstairs drawer. I actually knew they were there all the time.

I hope no one is disappointed about what was in the box. Not knowing what was in it (or in my case not remembering) was more exciting than finding out. Maybe it's just as well you all didn't come here some day just to see it opened.

Love, D/R

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I hope you don't imagine that we will now feel obliged to open the box in our basement!

edit April 2009:

Subject: Re: Our Saturday adventure
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 18:09:28 -0600

I [...] read THE BOX again. You need to add a sequel. My e-mail describing the saved and destroyed contents said M's. letters to me were lost. Not so. P and M had come to help the basement salvage operation and P was horrified to think those letters would be lost. So, she carefully opened each one, laid them out on the garage floor to dry and saved them. The are safely in another box on top of THE BOX - high up on a shelf above a possible flood line. Sorry I didn't report P's good thinking and painstaking, successful restoration at the time.

Love, D.

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In spite of outside pressure from friends and colleagues (there is a violinist I see about once a year whose first question to me is always, "Have you opened it?"), we still haven't opened the box in our basement!