This year, the kindergarten class at Renfrew School in Vancouver has been copying various works of art by Harris, Klee, O'Keeffe, Magritte, Pollock and Thomson. The children were so pleased with Totton's response to their reproductions of the O'Keeffe "Best forgeries I ever saw. Honestly.... I'd frame any one of those and hang it up in my living room." that they proposed making a copy just for him.

And he received this painting in the mail!!

Thrilled, we immediately framed it and rather than in the living room, hung it at the top of the stairs.

O'Keeffe forgery

O'Keeffe forgery

We used the envelope as backing for the frame.



O'Keeffe forgery

message reads: "T - This was created especially for you. All the children decided on the colours and Tracy volunteered to be the artist. They really liked your comment about forgeries! P. " - Renfrew School Kindergarten class 2009

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envelope ©ejm

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© ejm 2009;
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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