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ejm (© MEF2000) I am a freelance classical musician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Aside from the great classical works of music, what I really love are good food, books, movies, gardening, and bicycle travel. I am also an avid bread baker, doing much of that bread baking with the Bread Baking Babes.

These first two photos were taken with a digital camera by my brother-in-law. Rather flattering, aren't they? (Well, I think so...).

Since we got our first computer in November 1995, I have blundered my way around; I have learned how to make animated gifs and am gradually, by trial and error, figuring out how to fill in the blanks in HTML. (I was beginning to feel comfortable... just as someone introduced something called CSS... brrrrr!! And Heaven help me now that PHP has suddenly become available to me!) Over the years, I have learned more about HTML, XHTML, javascript, and SSI. It's even gotten to the point where I can almost, but not quite, understand whatever language W3C used to write the tutorials on their site - it looks like English at first glance.... :-/ And it's true that "a little learning is a dangerous thing" because with my little knowledge, I have had the audacity to design a few other websites besides my own.

ejm (© MEF2006) We adore good food and get great pleasure from dining outdoors in our garden. We have gathered together a rather extensive collection of recipes and altered them to make them our own. Sometime around the turn of this century (or was it just before?) I began compiling our recipes online. Then, in June 2003, I jumped onto the blogging bandwagon.

My husband does most of the cooking (and he is a stellar cook) but I make soups and stews, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, and bake all our bread. To enhance our dining, I have planted many herbs and edible flowers and in spite of the odds (my black thumb), the garden thrives.

Some years ago, we discovered the wonders of reading aloud before dinner. In the summertime, we sit on the porch or in the back yard, listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood, read and sip on aperitifs. In winter, we sit in the kitchen because it's the warmest room. We usually read a book on travel or food or both. It takes us ages to get through a book because invariably something in the book triggers a memory or discussion.

We love to travel, especially touring on our bicycles. Each time we have taken a trip, I have scrawled voluminous diaries in increasingly bulging notebooks. It is taking me ages to transcribe them and any photos we took onto the computer. Unfortunately when we upgraded from Win95 to Win2K, the perfectly good scanner we have is suddenly not compatible and has become a desk ornament... isn't planned obsolescence wonderful?

The www is full of the most amazing and wonderful things. I have put together a list of links that I particularly like. And there are separate pages for food related links, breadmaking links and gardening related links.

January 2005: By a miracle, we have managed (with a lot of help from two computer whizzes) to get the scanner to work. It will only scan two things before suddenly and inexplicably requiring a re-boot but at least its function is no longer solely decorative.

February 2006: And the scanner appears not to be working anymore. The harddrive on my computer died, taking Win2K with it. Win2K is no longer available so the computer was upgraded to WinXP. The scanner is once more a solely decorative device. But, we are now proud owners of a digital camera. Wheeeee!!! More time wasting fun in store for us!

June 2008: Please note that there will be no response to solicitations for reciprocal links. Under no circumstances will there be links to sites simply because they are linking to this one.

-ejm, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Red Cross & Canadian Blood Services - Please donate what you can.

ejm (© TPH2006)
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