Daily Archives: Thursday, 7 September 2017

Who says we don’t have enough sun?

sunflower summary: our mostly shady garden; branching out into the sunny lane; Swiss chard, garlic, sunflowers; “Orange Appeal” blurb;

It may be raining now but yesterday morning, we took our bikes out into the cool air in brilliant sunshine. I do love this time of year (and try not to think about the icy slogging that is coming all too soon).

Who says we don't have enough sun? One of the thrills this year is our garden bounty. We have very little sun because of large trees in the front and back yards. Don’t get me wrong. We’re happy about the shade in the summer. I throw caution to the wind and plant garlic and all kinds of herbs in part shade anyway.

Look at our garlic harvest this year!! (The garlic gets about 3 hours of sun….) (continue reading )