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Bread for Cousins’ Day

Sourdough September summary: in praise non-sour sourdough wild bread; planning ahead; working with Jane Mason levain; what to do with all that extra starter; it’s Sourdough September

Apparently, it’s Sourdough September in the UK. I learned about it from BREAD Magazine’s “Dough Wizards” newsletter.

But for us, I think that we will be still be celebrating Sourdough in October, November, December, January, February, etc. etc.

Of course, we do NOT call our bread Sourdough. Because it isn’t at all sour. We’re so thrilled about the bread that we want everyone to be able to taste it.

We cannot get over just how wonderful our wild bread is, ever since we embraced using Jane Mason’s starter and Chad Robertson’s mixing/kneading/shaping/baking method.

Tartine Bread

Last week, one of my sisters who lives on the west coast visited. We took the opportunity to invite ourselves to spend the weekend at our cousin’s house in Vineland. Everyone from our family who was in the vicinity descended on my cousin and cousin-in-law. (continue reading )