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How do you like them apples?

Not Far From the Treesummary: stir-fried vegetables with apples and raisins; cauliflower greens; grilled chicken; picking apples for Not Far From the Tree; overgrown gardens; curly hair and burrs; calling in the professionals; heroic hair stylists; information about Not Far From the Tree;

stir-fry It hasn’t been easy to get in on Not Far From the Tree picks this year. So the other day, I was very happy to be on a team to pick apples. The tree was on the edge of a lovely clean patio that bordered onto an unused wildly overgrown parking pad (which bordered onto a public park). The tree wasn’t giant but it was laden with fruit and many of the apples were within reach – with the help of a couple of ladders….

For the first hour, I was on the shed roof. Then, I joined one of the other pickers in the wildly overgrown area to spot her as she climbed one of the taller ladders. One of the things that happens, once you get up into the tree, is that you can’t see the apples (I tried to play on “can’t see the forest for the trees” but just don’t feel clever enough to manage it). So I looked up and guided her to where the fruit was. Little realizing that every time I looked up, my loosely braided hair was falling into burrs. Zillions of burrs. Thank goodness I was wearing a baseball hat!

When we emerged onto the patio, the others pulled burrs off our clothes and without any difficulty at all from the other woman’s straight chin length hair.

Things didn’t go so well for my hair…. (continue reading )