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Not-blood orange salsa with avocado

summary: not-blood orange salsa from Jamie Schler’s cookbook “Orange Appeal”; making substitutions; no blood oranges? …use navel oranges instead; using all the orange (except the pith); orange extract and orange sugar;

orange salsa

Oranges aren’t exactly in season yet but when Canada Post delivered Jamie’s cookbook on Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few oranges to try some of the recipes that I hadn’t had a chance to test. The recipes for Gojju – tamarind citrus peel condiment and Blood Orange Salsa with Avocado or Beet called to me.

The Gojju calls for Mandarin oranges; the Salsa calls for blood oranges…. Now, Jamie knows that I’m no stranger to making alterations (sometimes freely – sometimes perhaps a little too freely) to her recipes. I thought about substituting regular oranges for making the Gojju. But the perfectly ripe avocado (from Mexico) on the counter sealed the deal. Salsa it would be.

Yes, the oranges we bought are covered in jet fuel, having come all the way from South Africa! And they’re navel oranges, not blood oranges…. As far as I recall, they won’t appear until around January. And even then, they will be on the shelves for only a short time.

While we were getting the oranges, I picked up a local red onion from the vegetable market down the street. And completely forgot to get coriander leaf. (continue reading )