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Pasta with Orange, Ham and Gremolata

summary: delicious pasta from Jamie Schler’s cookbook “Orange Appeal”; in praise of Ilva’s photography; minor substitutions; adding Gremolata and Swiss chard;

Too bad they didn’t ask Ilva to take the photos…. -TPH, looking at the images in another cookbook

The day after we had mussels with orange and fennel, T was leafing through Jamie’s book and after gazing at Ilva’s beautiful photograph on page 101, announced that he was going to make the orange sauce for pasta.

Orange Appeal, Page 100

I was thrilled. As I was dancing around the kitchen, he said, “I’m really liking cooking with oranges.” Ha. Lucky me! Because I’m really liking eating the fabulous results.

And look! This is how things appeared a short time later.

Orange Appeal Pasta

You can see why I was dancing!

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