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What Nationality are These Muffins?? (BBB November 2017)

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Bread Baking Babes November 2017 summary: ingredients for English Muffins; refusing to use commercial yeast when there’s wild yeast in the fridge; scheduling problems; late again; rescuing English muffins that are overcooked (really dark…) on the outside and undercooked in the center; meat thermometer is my friend; making my sister happy; a Bread Baking Babes project;

plan ahead
English Muffins Bread Baking Babes (BBB) November 2017: English Muffins

Late again! But we ATE some English muffins on 16 November…. Does that count?

And they’re not burned! They’re bien cuit.

How English are English muffins, anyway??

I haven’t often had English muffins – I confess they’ve never really been my favourite thing. But. I’ve only tasted commercially baked English muffins.

Well, actually, it turns out that I’ve tasted home-made English muffins once before. As I was writing this up, I noticed that I made them in 2006. But I blocked them out of my mind….

English muffins?? Way back at the beginning of August, I promised myself that as soon as the weather got cooler, I would try Emma’s (Laughing Gastronome) recipe for English Muffins. And here they are. Well, they LOOK like English muffins, anyway. But there the resemblance ends. I don’t know what I did wrong.
-me, blog from OUR kitchen | first try at English Muffins, 3 October 2006

As far as I can tell from English friends looking down their noses at English muffins, they’re NOT English at all. Oh my no. And (in answer to my innocent question posed to my English friends, “aren’t they similar to crumpets?”) they’re NOTHING like crumpets…. :stomp: :stomp:

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Delving into the Archives: Indonesian Potatoes with Chili Sauce

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summary: Keripik Kentang Balado (Fried Potatoes with Chili Sauce; using our neighbours’ hot hot hot chilis; going through our photo archives; more praise for back issues of SAVEUR;

Keripik Kentang Balado Since cancelling our long-standing subscription to SAVEUR magazine, we have been cherry picking past issues to have as reading material in the bathroom. (I love to read in the bath but am terrified to bring my e-reader in – what if I drop it in the water??)

[N]ow, instead of reading new issues of SAVEUR, we are randomly choosing a magazine from the large stack on the shelf, and re-reading the brilliant contents. Sometimes, we are reminded of recipes we tried and loved and for some bizarre reason forgot about. And sometimes, we see something new (for us) to try and wonder how it is that we had missed it the first time round.
-me, Ah! Comfort Food – Coffee Crusted Pork | blog from OUR kitchen, 19 August 2017

Last month, just before he pushed one of the thoroughly re-read magazines back onto its shelf with all the other back-issues of SAVEUR, T announced that he knew what we should do with all those waxy white potatoes we had just got (we thought they were baking potatoes…). We would try Indonesian fried potatoes that call for “medium waxy potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced”. Wow! The dish was stellar. Really stellar. (continue reading )

Delving into the Archives: Thai Red Curry (WHB#408+x: Lime Leaf)

summary: delving into the archives; Thai red curry; is blogging passée? talking to myself; blaming FB; information about lime leaf and Weekend Herb Blogging;

To all those out there in vacuum land

lime leaf Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) #408+x: Kaffir Lime Leaf (Citrus hystrix)

Over the past several months, I have been privately bemoaning the fact that nobody ever comes in to post remarks any more. And then I realize that I don’t make the rounds of blogs the way I used to either.

It seems that the Golden Days of EoMEoTE, WHB, BBD, PPN, WTSIM…, etc. etc. are over forever. Goodness how sad.

Still, even though times have changed, I find I can’t stop blahblahblahing about our adventures in the kitchen.

So. Hello again Vacuumland! I’m here to resurrect Not-exactly-the-Weekend Herb Blogging with “lime leaf”. And I’m here late. Really late. Because we don’t even have any lime leaves left and couldn’t find them at the vegetable stand in the Asian supermarket when we went to replace them! (continue reading )